Qatar Sports For All (QSFA) is a non-profit government organization established in 2015 under His Excellency. Salah bin Ghanem Al-Ali, Minister of Culture and Sports.

QSFA aims to promote a healthy lifestyle by providing services and activities to the public which includes enhancing youth awareness, developing their abilities and improving the level of sport and physical fitness within the country. Qatar Sport for All Federation directs to raise awareness of the concept of “Sport For All” and to increase the number of participants in the society. Our federation aspires to be the leading supporter of sports activities in Qatar by stressing on the importance of persisting an active and healthy generation.

Since we believe in the values of sports, QSFA is not limited to physical activities but mentally as well, and promote the values of sports which develop a range of skills in adolescence such as responsibility, dedication, quality of leadership, teamwork, effective communication and skill-setting goals.

We keep in account that all the designed events thrive as physical activities for all ages.