The Qatar Sports for All Federation (QSFA), formed under His Excellency Mr. Salah bin Ghanim Al Ali, Minister of Culture & Sports, is a Federation aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle by providing services and activities for the public. Including the establishment of promote youth, developing its capabilities, improving the level of sport and fitness in the country to the point of excellence. QSFA directs to spread awareness of the “Sports for All” concept and to increase the number of participants in the Qatari community who exercise regularly.

Looking to be the leading provider for sports activities in Qatar for the entire Qatari population, QSFA has its goal to emphasize the importance of staying physically active and healthy. Affirming the welfare of sports not limited to body mind and soul but spreading the lesser familiar actuality of sports developing skill sets in adolescence such as accountability, dedication, leadership quality, determination, teamwork, effective communication and goal-setting skills. Physical activity prospers all ages justly which QSFA through its programs intent to propagate.

On-going physical activities includes Al Firjan, Marine Sports, Project 365, Cycling Event …. etc launched for all ages. Focusing all age and gender groups of the community, programs are designed to facilitate in the best easiest ways possible directing communities closer to fitness and healthy life. QSFA wishes to bring the community closer to each other and experience the benefits of sports in their day to day routine through different programs.

In line with the goals set forward by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, QSFA serves to broadcast the importance of being active on mind and body by hosting international, regional and local events/ programs promoting fun games and sports activities. Desiring healthier and active communities buildup throughout the country.