Marine Sports Activities

The Qatar Sport For All Association launches the Marine Sports Activities on the Doha Cornich, a program to spread awareness and message regarding misconceptions of sports. A vast majority of people consider sports to be serious and dedicated physical activity to stay healthy. Marine Sports Activities, under the theme of “365 days of activities” aims at breaking such myth by enlightening people and introducing them with fun, enjoyable and healthy sports activities.

Physical activity not known by many can provide innumerable benefits for all ages. Sports Includes hidden health advantages such as lowering the chance of osteoporosis or breast cancer later in life. It’s not just good for the mind, body and spirit but will structure youth with accountability, dedication, leadership and other skills.

We invite all ages to participate in the program as sports gets free, fun and healthier. We carry our program, Marine Sports Activities on the Doha Cornich (by Costa Coffee shop) introducing sailing, kayaking, jet skiing, swimming, hydro bikes, fly board, and other fun sports for all ages and completely free of cost.


Kayak is a marine sport that is free of intelligence and physical skill that contributes to the building of arm muscles and toning the upper body. While you may think of rowing as an upper body activity, it strengthens leg as your legs work hard at stabilizing your kayak. As with any cardiovascular exercise, kayaking can get heart rate up like a brisk jog or run helping in maintaining heart health.

Hydro bikes

Hydrobike provide a low impact cardiovascular activity, making it a great option for people with knee and back issues. It gives your heart a good workout so that it stays healthy and strong. Hydrobiking strengthens your leg muscles as you’re pedaling through the water using your thighs and calves. The Hydrobike will help you burn fat at a phenomenal rate. Stamina levels remain higher as you don’t tire out quickly.

Jet skiing

Improving your cardiovascular system it increases blood circulation helping to remove waste from the body more quickly. Skiing is to keep yourself steady on the slippery slope to help balance yourself, you naturally engage your core stability muscles ultimately results in toning abs. Jet skiing is a great sport that burns a lot of calories. An average 68 kg (150 lbs) person can burn 238 calories in the span of just 30 minutes.

Fly board

Fly boarding requires use of your legs and core to maintain balance, steering the board and fly above the water surface strengthening the abdominal muscles, quads, hamstrings and calves. It uses every muscle in your body thus improves flexibility. This sport sets out to give you an adrenaline rush; increased levels of adrenaline in your blood signals break down the glycogen, substance that provides your muscles with glucose, the primary source of fuel in your body.


The Dhow/ Sailing in Qatar’s history was used for fishing, pearl diving and trade for centuries along the coasts of the Arab countries. We have stepped back in the history to help younger generation relive and experience our tradition through sailing. Our ancestors have passed the legacy to current and future generations to come. Join us to take a step into the rich traditions of these ancient seamen and preserve the legacy.

Safety and Security

Our instructors will take you on a thrilling ocean ride!

Be careful/ Instructions

  • Wear a life jacket
  • Stick together
  • Always listen to instructor
  • Listen carefully while instructor teaches and trains for the sport