Project 365

The project elaborates Fitness for all throughout the year. Under the program ‘Active 365’ QSFA organises public park activities throughout the year at 5 different parks for all members of the society. Awareness sessions are arranged to emphasize the importance of physical activity and its relation to the general health of the human body. Simple physical fitness classes and sessions designed to  guide individuals/ community members to perform correct, healthy and safe exercise.  Group games and active competitions are designed for all members of the family to develop the spirit of cooperation among different community members.

  • Program practiced at parks: Aspire Park, Sheraton Park, MIA Park, Souq Waqif Park, Al Rayyan Park 2
  • Project 365 spread the practice of sports culture under the provision of trainers (Mohammed Aziz Al-Rihi: Community coach)
  • Physical games and competitions for all members of the family (Kids, Youth, Adults, Elderly)




The Public Parks Activities includes:

Educating community members about the benefits of exercise

Duration: 60 minutes for the group

Age: 12 years and above

Output: Introduce and begin with simple physical activities

Simple fitness tests ( Flexibility, Speed )

Duration: 60 minutes

Age Group: 12 years and above

Output: Determine the objectives of exercise

Basic exercises ( Resistance )

Duration: 120 minutes

Age Group: 18 years and above

Output: Development of various physical abilities

Multiplayer / Group Activities

Duration: 60 minutes

Age Group: 06 – 10 years

Output: Development of various skill sets and mental abilities