QSFA introduces Al Farjan for sports activities

From left: Abullah Al Dosari, Head of Farjan Pitches, Abdul Rahman Al Dosari, President of QSFA, and Ahmed Al Ajmi, CEO of QSFA, at the press conference held at the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

By Amna Pervaiz Rao / The Peninsula

Qatar Sports for all Federation (QSFA) introduced a new icon named ‘Al Farjan’ into the existing application of Ministry of Culture and Sports on Wednesday. The event held at the Ministry premises was attended by Abullah Al Dosari, Head of Farjan Pitches, Abdul Rahman Al Dosari, President of QSFA , Ahmed Al Ajmi, CEO of QSFA and other officials.

“This application has made it easy for everyone in Qatar to book their time to get active and play. This new icon makes it easy for expats and locals to find a suitable pitch for practicing sports. QSFA’s aim is to raise awareness among people to be active and involve themselves in sport activities,” Abdul Rahman told The Peninsula, on the sidelines of the event.

“Before sports was categorised for people who can only afford it, by this initiative we have made it easy for everyone to step out of home and be active. As hours at work have increased, stress has increased as well. We have always helped people in making their life enjoyable and lively in all ways possible,” he added.

Sports are a great way for children to learn essential life skills that will serve them in later life, such as teamwork and cooperation.

“Twenty-three percent of our children are suffering from diabetes and 25 percent have potential to have diabetes. This is all due to obesity in children. They lack outdoor activities which cause such side-effects on them. We are trying our best to make it possible for children to get rid of electronic gadgets and involve themselves in sports. This way children will be able to make themselves active and busy,” Abdul Rehman said while raising the health side-effects on children.

Ahmed Al Ajmi described the use of application by giving a small demonstration on mobile phone. He said: “ This application can be easily found on app store, we launched the new icon to make the job easy for people who are willing to indulge themselves in sports especially outdoor activities.”

“This new icon makes it easier for the people to make a reservation for a suitable pitch. 14 pitches which are located in Doha will be available for people, where they can reserve it by choosing a suitable location of the pitch as given on the map,” he noted.

Highlighting the difficulties people face while finding a place to play, he said: “People don’t have to go to the pitch to reserve its availability now it is just a click away. Farjan picture icon will help you in finding a suitable time for you which can make it easy for you to just follow the map and go, enjoy and play.”

The procedure is easy and can be done within few steps. These steps were elaborated at the event by giving a demo in form of video. This application is available on Iphones and android phones as well.

“The registration is done by using Qatar ID card number and phone number, once the registration is done you will receive a text message from the application, a small payment will be made by your credit card to reserve a pitch for you to keep the place secure. As people used to reserve it and didn’t used to show up, this way we have made the reservation security stronger and better,” said Al Ajmi while explaining the new procedure.