Qatar Sports For All Federation (QSFA) was formed out of a vision to implement countrywide sports programs available to all members of the Qatari community promoting better lifestyle and health. The Federation has a clear set of objective to educate and involve the Qatari community on the importance of staying active on mind, body and soul through sports, raise the awareness on the definition of exercise and increase its practice, increase the percentage of people who exercise regularly to decrease the percentage of obesity within the community.

Our approach is to build up a conscious generation that not just understands the needs and requirements of being physically active but further works for a healthier mind and body in terms of its present and the sustainability of its future. QSFA executes events & activities to the highest standards and quality, launched for all ages to change perception of sports in the population presenting being active and healthy does not cost money.

Our work is open and done for the Qatari community, making available the areas in Qatar for all members of the community to come and exercise, committed to deliver the best work as we have a passion for sports & well being.